Sleep Apnea Treatment

North Texas Sleep Apnea Alternate Treatment Clinic

We know there's nothing in the world that gives people more joy than a good night's sleep. Being refreshed after a good uninterrupted sleep is the ticket for great feelings, great connectivity, and a warm smile! Face the world with unabashed confidence and a rested, beautiful smile!

At North Texas Sleep Apnea Alternate Treatment clinic at North Texas Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive sleep program for sleep apnea patients that includes:

  1. Comprehensive screening and examination addressing snoring and sleep apnea using non-CPAP therapies
  2. Home sleep testing using Embletta, a state-of-the-art sleep measuring device
  3. Pharyngometry using EccoVision Acoustic Pharyngometer to measure the airway and find the idea position for treatment

It is estimated that 30% of adults have a significant sleep problem. Lack of quality sleep affects every aspect of your life, from daily activities (like driving), to major health problems (diabetes, heart attacks, insomnia, impotence, weight gain, etc.). Every system in the body is affected by sleep apnea. Your spouse also suffers—some studies even show the spouse can have MORE SEVERE symptoms from sleep disturbances!

What Sleep Apnea Treatments does NOTA offer?

We offer alternatives to CPAP machines to address upper respiratory resistance (snoring) and sleep apnea (with a physician prescription). We also use postural devices and nasal devices to improve airflow.

Our most popular sleep apnea treatment is the Respire Medical sleep appliance. FDA approved and extensively tested, the Respire “blue” appliance is the gold standard for sleep appliances. It is very comfortable and VERY effective. 

Another appliance that we use frequently is the SUAD appliance, which is more rigid and holds up better when patients have severe bruxism.

Why choose NTOA for your sleep apnea treatment?

We are orthodontists, and precision is our mantra. Your sleep appliance is custom-made using the finest materials. What’s most important is that we know before we make the device if it's going to work—and test...test… test until we are SURE it works. Other offices may “guess” at your jaw position, but we know where it should go exactly! Our assessment method and use of sonic energy to measure the airway get us to the ideal position to construct your oral appliance.

Dr. Copenhaver has been a dentist since 1976, and has extensive experience in treating adults and children. He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Association of Cranio-Facial Pain, and is board-certified by the American Association of Orthodontists.

Your initial consultation at our McKinney, TX orthodontic office has no charge and includes a complete examination of the mouth and anterior airway, tongue, teeth palate, and tonsils, to determine if there are structural problems. Then, we will test the anterior airway using non-invasive, radiation-free sonic energy. With this knowledge, Dr. Copenhaven can determine if you would benefit from an oral appliance to control snoring and/or reduce or eliminate sleep apnea.

Please come see us if you have a sleep issue, or visit to learn more. We can make a BIG difference in YOUR life!