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I would HIGHLY recommend NTOA especially to those with complex Ortho issues. Before I signed up my daughter to the plan in this office, I did my research with other Ortho office here in Collin County. I have chosen Dr Jerome S Schechter's treatment plan for getting my daughter's complicated Ortho situation fixed. Other orthodontist are aggressive pulling out teeth which is not necessary. At the beginning, Dr Schechter is not promising us that there would be enough space that will be enough for another tooth to come out. But we did the expander with the risk that we may need to extract some tooth. After six months in expander, there is enough space for the tooth to come out and no need for extraction. My daughter and I was so happy about the risk that we took. And Dr Schechter made it possible. We are almost done with my daughter's treatment plan and will surely miss this group. The staff are so friendly. We will be back for my son. God bless you all.___Luis Plano, Texas

This office is the best experience anyone looking to get braces can get. From the first day I arrived here around 5 years ago, I have had all positive interactions with the nurses and doctors and the result is better than I could ever imagine. I would definitely recommend anyone to NTOA, no matter the age!____Naman Plano, Texas

The staff is friendly and my daughter's teeth look great. Thanks____El Froggo Plano, Texas

Dr Copenhaver is an amazing orthodontist. His vast knowledge and passion for what he does is truly inspiring. Plus the staff is efficient, friendly and provides each patient with a great experience

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